Sakura (sakuranbo) wrote,

work performance review

Well I got my performance review from work today.

It seems very acurate and correct. My boss realy knows what's going on with me. That makes me feel good.

He says in general I have been doing good but I need to work on taking inisiative and looking for not so obvious causes of things.

That's right on and something I have been thinking myself.

So while it wasn't great it wasn't bad and it was acuarate so I am happy.

Also he says they have a project in the works for me and that I will probably like it. That makes me happy to.

and Brian posted twice. Real entries that tell me how his life is going. I feel like someone gave me to pieces of candy.
I hope he can pull off the studying. He does so well with so much raw tallent when he only halfheartedly works at it. If he can stay foucesed it will be amazing what he can do. I wish him the best of all possible luck.
(And will be sure not to bug him this week)
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