Sakura (sakuranbo) wrote,


I like live journal. I actually feel caught up on the events of Mithcell, Rob, Brian, and Anne.

For me life has been preety concistent. I start my graduate level courses soon. I hope I like them. Although I am working in the comper graphics theory area so I think I will quite a lot.

I now have 8 hours of class work. I need nine to be full time and keep my job.
I'm hoping to get permission to work with some proff on my thesis for 1 hour of class work or at least work with some proff on something.

Last night was my friend Nathans b-day party. I felt kinda bad because it was very sedate and ended early. However I always like just chilling talking to Nathan. Especially religion. He's very Cathlic and I'm very agnostic, but that doesn't cause any problems. The only problem is that I can keep up with his ability to argue things. But hey it's still lots of fun.

The old appartment is almost clean. YEAH. I don't think I realy hate the cleaning. I think I just hate the moving.

Walter is doing well. I wait with batted breath to find out his grade for the summer. I think it's going to be good though. He worked hard.

My job is becomming more and more like a real job, but right now I kinda like that. I like the responsiblity and the feeling like I may be realy gettng something acomplished. We will see how I feel about it once I have to balance it and school.
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