Sakura (sakuranbo) wrote,


wow I actualy updated my journal.

I don't know for some reason today has left me feeling strangly disoriented and ... tired. Not sleepy just very tired of classes. Not realy of school I like school but I whent to japanese and I was not able to get over how stupid a lot of it was. For some reason I find my mind turning to Brian. Maybe it is because he isn't where he was and I don't know where he is anymore.

Walter has moved out. He's happy about it this is a good thing. My room is very empty though. Only a dissater zone of dirty cloths a desk and a computer without a soul. For some reason the appartment that has been so comforting all summer was dry, dead, empty.

I need to get a bed. Maybe if I am lucky I can pick up a water bed. I don't know though I don't want to buy insurance again. Money is going to be a little tight this month.

For some reson the day seems to streach out forever. With classes I don't particualarly care about going to and work that is good but stressful. And the world just seems so mutable and empty.
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